Active Projects

AFC Basel GladiatorsGladiators and IntegrationSwitzerlandSocial Mobility2011 - 2020Enabling young people regardless of faith, class and origin to get together with the common goal of sport
AitimaCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)GreeceCRF2020Free legal support for asylum seekers facing increasingly difficult legal processes due to COVID-19
Asinitas OnlusTurning Points ItalyMigration / Integration2018 - 2020A social integration project dedicated to migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in Rome with specific focuses in language acquisition, access to social, training and job opportunities and community building
Asinitas OnlusCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)ItalyCRF2020Converting Italian language classes for refugees and asylum seekers to online formats
Association «les Seignors de CADISEHO»Covid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)FranceCRF2020Provision of adapted care at the senior's residence including creating a virtual platform to combat isolation of residents
Austrian Red CrossCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)AustriaCRF2020Provision of additional medical equipment and services
Behindertenhilfe Bezirk KorneuburgCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)AustriaCRF2020Support to increase and adapt their services provided to people with disabilities
Border-FreeCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)SerbiaCRF2020Increased provision of food and hygiene items to the vulnerable inhabitants of Loznica, and the Roma community
Borderfree AssociationHouse of RescueSerbiaMigration & Integration2019 - 2020Support for a secure, transitory children’s home for unaccompanied refugee and migrant children under the age of 15 in Serbia, thereby ensuring a safe home and providing them with access to education and age-appropriate leisure activities
CaritasCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)JordanCRF2020Provision of cash grants to vulnerable families in Jordan
Caritas AlsaceCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)FranceCRF2020Support for disadvantaged families and individuals in the Alsatian territory
Caritas SchweizCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)SwitzerlandCRF2020Provision of consultation services and financial aid to people affected, or at risk of poverty
Caritas ÖsterreichCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)AustriaCRF2020Provision of emergency sleeping places and quarantine facilities, support for the “food bank” for homeless people, increased social counselling services for poverty affected people, support for mother-child housing, increased distribution of food packages for households affected by poverty
Casa Di Amadou Voluntary AssociationJumping Oltre i ConfiniItalyMigration / Integration2018 - 2020Offering migrants the chance to become independent through internships, educational workshops, professional counselling, temporary housing, and specific education programmes
Crescenda Vocational Training and Start-Up Centre for Migrant Women in SwitzerlandSwitzerlandMigration / Integration2015 - 2021Pioneering in implementing the concept of female migrant entrepreneurship in Basel as well as offering those women with interest in the fields of nursing and gastronomy German language courses, basic PC training and job seeking support to maximise their employability
Crescenda Covid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)SwitzerlandCRF2020Support for the organisation as it faced a deficit due to the COVID-19 crisis
Diakonie Flüchtlingsdienst gem. GmbHJEFIRA - Intercultural Psychotherapy Centre for refugeesAustriaMigration / Integration2017 - 2020A culturally sensitive psychotherapy centre for refugees in Lower Austria
Diakonie Flüchtlingsdienst gem. GmbHAmberMed - ClearingstelleAustriaSocial Mobility2017 - 2020The provision of orientation and support to uninsured patients prior to medical treatment
Doctors without Borders AustriaCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)YemenCRF2020Additional medical support for MSF in Yemen
Doctors without Borders Greece
Covid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)GreeceCRF2020Increased medical support for vulnerable communities and refugees in Athens, on Samos and Lesbos
Don Bosco
Covid-19 Relief Fund (CRF) AustriaCRF2020Provision of quarantine spaces
Echo100PlusLeros and Athens ECHO-HUBsGreeceMigration / Integration2016 - 2020Support for the two community centres which provide education and integration services to refugees and foster dialogue with local groups and stakeholders, thereby raising the employability of refugees and repairing strained relationships with host communities
Edukacija Za Sve / Education For All (EDUS)Covid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)Bosnia and HerzegovinaCRF2020Development and provision of tailor-made learning kits for children with autism
ESRA Psychosoziales ZentrumCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)AustriaCRF2020Support for vulnerable members of the Jewish community with the provision of basic necessities
European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM)Covid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)GreeceCRF2020Supporting EPIM grantees with pooled funding to keep their covid-19 response efforts running
Glocal RootsWe Are One CenterGreeceMigration / Integration 2020The Provision of a safe space in which refugee women (and their babies) have the opportunity to spend the day, acquire new skills, partake in activities, gain access to information and specific items and to get medical, psychosocial, and legal support; thereby fostering resilience
Hadassah Academic CollegeEnsuring Arab Students' Successful Entry into the WorkforceIsraelSocial Mobility2010 - 2020Assisting Arab students to gain access to higher education, and for scholarship support, student guidance and support services, and career counselling to integrate into rewarding employment
Hadassah Medical OrganisationFellowship Program for medical training for Palestinian physicians from West Bank and Gaza stripIsraelSocial Mobility1992 - 2020Financing of the training of a number of Palestinian doctors each year who, alongside their Israeli peers, are to be the best in their field and to provide the Palestinian people with high quality medical care
Hands UpCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)GreeceCRF2020Creation of an app enabling accessibility to news, information and entertainment for people with disabilities
Haus der BarmherzigkeitCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)AustriaCRF2020Purchasing of two aid-tools to assist patients’ mobility, whilst keeping socially distant to care-givers
Help RefugeesCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)GreeceCRF2020Provision of emergency medical support for the Greek Islands
Hemayat - Treatment Center for Survivors of Torture and WarTrauma Therapy for RefugeesAustriaMigration / Integration2008 - 2020Support for the politically independent non-profit organisation which provides interpreter-mediated psychotherapy, psychological consulting and medical support for survivors of war and torture
Hilfswerk InternationalFacilitating Access to Health Services and Educational Activities for Syrian Refugees in West BekaaLebanonSocial Mobility2018 - 2020Providing much-needed accessibility to health & education services in order to improve the wellbeing of the most disadvantaged Syrian & Lebanese women & children (e.g. pediatric & gynaecological services)
Hilfswerk/Blue MissionCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)LebanonCRF2020Provision of food baskets and hygiene kits for 1.800 beneficiaries in South Lebanon, Saida area
HumanRights360Ensuring Integration of Recognized Refugees & Asylum Seekers -Creative Plans for an Autonomous LifeGreeceMigration / Integration2018 - 2021Following an individualised process, the programme aims to empower and enable refugees and asylum seekers to be autonomous and enjoy a better quality of life
IAMANEHCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)Bosnia and Herzegovina and AlbaniaCRF2020Support for IAMANEH's work in responding to increased gender based violence during the COVID-19 crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania
IDEA AssociationCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)BulgariaCRF2020Support for Social Teahouse operations to retain their employees (individuals of vulnerable groups
In da HouseCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)HungaryCRF2020The provision of extra support for Roma children unable to go to Kindergarten due to COVID-19 as they prepare for grade 1
INTERSOSCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)ItalyCRF2020Supporting the INTERSOS24 initiative with their provision of medical aid to help the most vulnerable groups during the Covid-19 crisis
InterSOS Humanitarian OrganisationINTERSOS 24: Protection and Integration Services for Foreign MinorsItalyMigration / Integration2019 - 2020An informal reception centre for unaccompanied and separated children, young adults and women (alone or with children in transit). The centre provides reception and protection services, psychological support, offers socio-educational activities, medical assistance and referral services
Joel Nafuma Refugee CenterRefugee Employment Integration ProjectItalyMigration / Integration2018 - 2020Working to maximise the employment potential of refugees and migrants by funding on-the-job and classroom training for different industries, as well as job seeking support and weekly Industry Prep Talks with entrepreneurs from different job sectors
Johanniter-SeniorenhäuserCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)GermanyCRF2020Creating a virtual platform for the Johanniter Nursing home in Ladenburg to combat isolation of senior citizens
Kammerphilharmonie GraubündenGrisons Philharmonic OrchestraSwitzerlandEducation2010 - 2020Support for the Grisons Philharmonic Orchestra
Karin DomCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)BulgariaCRF2020Supporting children with autism and their families with the development and provision of tailor-made educational kits to use at home
Katholisches Sozialzentrum ViernheimCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)GermanyCRF2020Increased provision of food supplies and food deliveries to vulnerable people
Kinderspitex NordwestschweizCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)SwitzerlandCRF2020Supporting the hospital's services for highly at-risk children, as well as highly at-risk children infected with the covid-19 virus evacuated from the hospital, receiving treatment at home
KODA (Köy Okulları Değişim Ağı)Covid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)TurkeyCRF2020Support in the establishment of an Information Sharing Network on Distance Learning and Public Health for Rural Areas of Turkey in order to strengthen COVID-19 adaptation and mitigation measures
Light for the World InternationalInclusive Education Now!Bosnia-Herzegovina Accessibility2019 - 2020Ensuring inclusive, equal and quality education for children with disabilities in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Medical University of ViennaSingle-Cell Genomics for Precision MedicineAustriaSocial Mobility2017 - 2020Building upon research at the Vienna Medical Campus in genomics, an important technology for diagnosing the genetic basis of human diseases
METAdrasi - Action for Migration and DevelopmentTransit Accommodation Facility for Unaccompanied Minors on Samos IslandGreeceMigration / Integration2020Provision of safe accommodation, tailor-made care, psycho-social support and integration for unaccompanied and separated children on Samos
METAdrasi – Action for Migration and DevelopmentCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)GreeceCRF2020Providing additional support to unaccompanied children during the COVID-19 Crisis
neunerhaus – Hilfe für obdachlose MenschenCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)AustriaCRF2020Provision of medical care, counselling, information on hygiene practices interpreted into different languages, as well as the provision of general information about the virus for homeless and uninsured people
Next Step Hungary AssociationCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)HungaryCRF2020Provision of hygiene items, immune boosting supplements, and food items for refugees, migrants and people with disabilities
Next Step Hungary AssociationLEVEL UP ProjectHungaryMigration / Integration2020 - 2021Providing practical, relevant job skills to refugees and migrants, going beyond basic-level skills to increase employability
ODGEDERSpeech BubblesTurkeyMigration / Integration2019 - 2020Implementing the designed curriculum for A1 & A2 level Turkish language acquisition for migrant children enhancing communication in real life and addressing the children’s needs for psychosocial development in school
Plan International SwitzerlandHope Together – Helping Syrian Refugees and Egyptian Host Communities help themselvesEgyptSocial Mobility2019 - 2020Support for the programme which aims to improve the economic self-reliance and social integration of 2,000 Syrian refugees and vulnerable Egyptian host community members through skills development, supporting income generating activities and facilitating access to micro-finance in an increasingly enabling environment for women and girls
Plan International SwitzerlandCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)EgyptCRF2020Provision of cash grants to 135 Syrian refugee and vulnerable Egyptian host community entrepreneurs severely affected by the COVID-19 crisis in order to help them recover their businesses
Psychosocial Innovation Network (PIN)Psychological Support and Counselling for Refugees and MigrantsSerbiaMigration & Integration2019 - 2020Improving the resilience, mental health and well-being of refugees and migrants accommodated in asylum centres in Serbia through provision of continuous, culturally sensitive psychological support and counselling
Refugee Trauma InitativeCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)GreeceCRF2020Support for community organisations to mitigate against the impact of COVID-19 on refugee mental health by hiring and training community carers
Refugees and Asylum Seekers Assistance and Solidarity Association (RASAS)Covid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)TurkeyCRF2020Providing humanitarian aid, cash support, food packages and increasing awareness of COVID 19 among refugees and sharing reliable information through the refugees network
Refugees and Asylum Seekers Assistance and Solidarity Association (RASAS)RASAS Women's Guest HouseTurkeySocial Mobility2020Support for the Women's Guest House in Sultanbeyli, Istanbul which aims to empower women by facilitating protection opportunities, education, vocational courses, mental health and psychosocial support services, economical aid programmes and workshops
ROIA - Insani Vizyon DerneğiICT Academy - IstanbulTurkeySocial Mobility2019 - 2020A fully equipped training facility which ensures migrant and host community youth have access to education and livelihoods to help them gain sustainable employment
Save the Children SwitzerlandCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)AlbaniaCRF2020Support for children with disabilities and their families which have been severely affected by the COVID-19 crisis in Albania in the form of food items, internet access and educational supplies
SKEPCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)GreeceCRF2020Support for the creation of multiple online Disability and Diversity Awareness Programs for Primary and Secondary Education schools, Educators, Parents, Institutional bodies, companies, and the general public
Social Hackers AcademyDe.Code IntegrationGreeceMigration / Integration2020Developing the digital and soft skills of vulnerable people and connecting them with the IT Job Market, as a way towards their social and economic integration
Speyerer Tafel Deutsches Rotes KreuzCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)GermanyCRF2020Increased provision of food items to vulnerable people
Stiftung Frauenhaus beider BaselRoom SponsorshipSwitzerlandSocial Mobility2012 - 2020Ensuring that women and their children suffering from domestic violence can stay in a room at the shelter and benefit from the help provided by Frauenhaus beider Basel
Stiftung Frauenhaus beider BaselCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)SwitzerlandCRF2020Increased provision of emergency housing for women and children seeking shelter
Strasbourg Action SolidariteCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)FranceCRF2020Increased provision of food items, medical care and shelter for homeless people
Sulukule Volunteers AssociationCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)TurkeyCRF2020Support for children and their families from disadvantaged neighbourhoods, which have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis in Fatih, İstanbul
Support for group homes in cooperation with the We Remember Mogilino FoundationCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)BulgariaCRF2020Improvement of playground and sports facilities for children and adolescents with disabilities living in small group homes to allow safe play outdoors
Teach for AustriaReadyAustriaSocial Mobility2018 - 2023An inclusive kindergarten program designed to support children in their joy for learning and help them to develop confidence in their abilities and possibilities.
TralalobeCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)AustriaCRF2020Provision of virtual infrastructure for the underaged residents of their houses
Trägerverein JUZ Die KisteCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)GermanyCRF2020Supporting vulnerable children with online tutoring, counselling sessions, and activities
Verein Blind-JoggingRunning with visually impaired and blind peopleSwitzerlandAccessibility2020The provision of trained guides for visually impaired and blind people to enable them to go jogging outside thereby improving health, well-being, independence and self-esteem
Verein the ConnectionCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)AustriaCRF2020Support for the organisation as it faced a deficit due to the COVID-19 crisis
West London ZoneCovid-19 Relief Fund (CRF)United KingdomCRF2020Additional support for 38 children in West London ensuring they have everything they need to flourish and achieve their goals during COVID -19
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