• Healthcare
    • Social welfare
    • Education
    • Conflict resolution
    • Migration and integration


    We currently work exclusively with organisations in the above mentioned fields and although we focus our support in Europe, Canada, Middle East, Afghanistan, India and Africa, we acknowledge that special needs have no geographical locus.

    It is our philosophy to conduct ongoing dialogue with project initiators as well as local experts to assess the most urgent needs. Where necessary we also assist our partners in finding experts, advisors and other funders.


    All Applicants should use the Grant Application Form.
    The board meets once a year to consider applications, which have arrived during the year. In urgent cases, applications may occasionally be considered during the course of the year.


    Please Note: Only applications submitted through our website will be considered.


    We do not consider applications from individuals or for projects in the fields of culture, art, nature and sports.
    We currently do not accept new applications from Israel, Palestine, South America, Asia.

    Applications for funding within 2018

    The application period for funding within the year 2017 is now over. 


    We are currently reviewing our long term vision and concrete key areas of funding.  We will be accepting applications for the funding of new projects within the calendar year of 2018 starting November 1st, 2017.


    For emergencies, we occasionally accept applications from outside of the application periods.  In this case, please send us a short description via our contact form.