This page offers descriptions of the foundation’s thematic and geographical focus areas as well as information on both the regular cycle funding and supplementary funding streams.

The Spring/Summer 2022 application cycle has been suspended due to recent developments in Ukraine. All current grantees who have been invited to re-apply may do so between April 19th and May 10th.

Please check below for more information.


The Karl Kahane Foundation focuses on the topics of Accessibility, Migration / Inclusion and Social Mobility.

Promoting and improving the emotional well-being, self-determination and inclusion of persons with disabilities through:
- Inclusive and innovative education
- Accessible and inclusive quality (mental) health care

 Migration / Inclusion
Fostering self-sufficiency, inclusion and well-being for migrants through:
- Inclusive and innovative education
- Accessible and inclusive quality (mental) health care

 Social Mobility
Offering a path to self-sufficiency to those in the most vulnerable situations in society through:
- Inclusive and innovative education
- Accessible and inclusive quality (mental) health care


We currently have a focus on projects in the following regions:

 Middle East
 North Africa

For a detailed list of countries included in these areas, please visit our FAQ page.


  • We do not consider applications from individuals or for projects in the fields of culture, art, nature and sports.
  • We only accept applications submitted through our online forms.


There are two types of applications for our regular cycle funding:
1. New Project Applications: projects which previously have not been funded by the Kahane Foundation (current Karl Kahane Foundation grantees applying for new projects are also considered new projects).
2. Running Project Applications: current Karl Kahane Foundation grantees eligible for continuing Karl Kahane Foundation funding for a project. 

New project applicants go through a two-step application process. The First-Step Application Form is made available via a link at the bottom of this section during published application periods. First-Step Applications are often evaluated within two weeks after the deadline for submissions. After evaluation, applicants can expect a reply with either an invitation to continue to the Second-Step Application Form or a decision declining the funding request.

Current Karl Kahane Foundation grantees that wish to re-apply for funding can discuss this with the Karl Kahane Foundation. These grantees might then be invited to fill our online application form for Running Projects.


Starting in 2022, the Karl Kahane Foundation has introduced a biannual application cycle. This means that applicants can choose whether they apply for funding during one of the two following application cycles: Fall/Winter (November - January) or Spring/Summer (April - June).

For the Fall/Winter application cycle, decisions can be expected in March and for the Spring/Summer application cycle, decisions can be expected in August. We ask potential applicants to submit only one application each year.

Please note that this website will be updated with the exact dates about the application cycle, closer to the start of each cycle.


Due to our commitments around the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine, the 2022 SPRING/SUMMER application cycle will not be open to new applicants. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please get in touch with the foundation team if you have questions or concerns.

We expect to open again to new applicants in the 2022 FALL/WINTER application cycle.

Current Karl Kahane Foundation grantees who were invited to reapply may submit their running applications between April 19th and May 10th.

Decisions can be expected by the end of August 2022
Funds can be expected by the end of September 2022


As of Fall 2021, the Karl Kahane Foundation is working with so-called “Reporting Grace Periods”. All information around reporting is shared directly with grantees. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 


In addition to our regular cycle funding, the Karl Kahane Foundation has four other funding streams, which are briefly described below. The link of each separate funding stream will redirect you to a page with an overview of the supported projects.
Alongside our regular cycle funding, the Karl Kahane Foundation dedicates a portion of its annual budget to support projects in the communities of Jungbunzlauer.
The Karl Kahane Foundation reserves a portion of its annual funding for organisations working on the ground during humanitarian disasters with the purpose of providing funding when and where it is most needed. We are not open to unsolicited applications for emergency support.
The Jungbunzlauer Jubilee Gift grants are awarded to organisations showing excellence and innovation in each of the Karl Kahane Foundation's thematic focus areas. The Jungbunzlauer Jubilee Gift is not open to unsolicited grant applications.
The COVID-19 Relief Fund emerged in response to the impact of COVID-19 within the foundation's geographic focus areas. The COVID-19 Relief Fund is no longer active.

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