AFC Gladiators beider Basel Football for Children of Financially Disadvantaged Families Switzerland Social mobility 2011 - 2019 Enabling youth of financially disadvantaged families to participate in the football team "AFC beider Basel"
Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue Bruno Kreisky Lecture Series Austria Migration & Integration 2002 - 2019 A lecture series discussing various topics surrounding bridge-building, peace promotion and integration
Echo100Plus The ECHO-HUB Greece Migration & Integration 2016 - 2019 Fund for helping refugees that have arrived in Greece
Stiftung Frauenhaus beider Basel Covering the Costs for One Room Switzerland Social mobility 2012 - 2019 Making a women's refuge in Basel more accessible to women in need by covering the running costs of one room
Verein Grow Together Playgroup for Underprivileged Children Austria Social mobility 2016 - 2019 Supporting a special playgroup for children of families at risk in Vienna
Hadassah Academic College "Gateway to Hope" Israel Social mobility 2010 - 2019 Enabling Palestinian-Arab high school graduates to pursue higher education in Jerusalem
Hadassah Medical Organisation Fellowship Programme Israel Social mobility 1992 - 2019 The Kahane Fellowship Programme for the training of Palestinian physicians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip in Jerusalem
Verein Hemayat Trauma Therapy for Refugees Austria Migration/Integration 2008 - 2019 A trauma therapy programme for torture and conflict survivors at a centre in Vienna
Diakonie Flüchtlingsdienst gem. GmbH JEFIRA Austria Migration & Integration 2017 - 2019 A mobile psycho-therapeutic support programme for refugees in Lower Austria without the mental stability required to use public transportation
Diakonie Flüchtlingsdienst gem. GmbH Clearingstelle AmberMed Austria Social mobility 2017 - 2019 Financial support for people without access to public health insurance
Medical University of Vienna Single-Cell Genomics for Precision Medicine Austria Social mobility 2017 - 2020 Building upon research at the Vienna Medical Campus in genomics, an important technology for diagnosing the genetic basis of human diseases
Aflatoun International Social Financial Education in Lebanon Lebanon Social mobility 2017 - 2019 Providing 1600+ vulnerable Lebanese children and Syrian refugees with social financial education, helping them to break away from and/or avoid getting trapped within the cycle of poverty