ESRA, Vienna, Austria

ESRA (Hebrew for "Help") was established in 1994 to provide medical, therapeutic and social work services to Holocaust survivors and their families. In addition, it serves as a psychosocial centre for all Jewish people living in Vienna. Today, survivors still suffer from the consequences of the psychological and physical traumas they had to endure. Even many decades later, memories of traumatic events may reemerge in stressful situations caused by disease, old age, family conflicts or media reports. The lives of their partners, children and grandchildren are also marked by the constant and often non-verbal presence of trauma in all areas of life, which may lead to secondary traumatisation. After the war, survivors in Austria were sent from place to place when they tried to seek help or advice. It has therefore been ESRA's main aim to offer survivors a wide range of free services in an environment that recognises and respects their needs.